“Smaller operations sometimes assume
they can’t afford a web site or a strategic marketing plan...
In my experience, they are the organizations that need them most.”

Tom Weidner, BusiMed
V.P. Marketing Services

BusiMed FAQs

Q. Why do I need a web site?

A. Because patients these days expect to go online and find information about a new doctor, medical facility, or any business that is new to them. A quality web site is key to competing for new business. BusiMed can help you develop a professional yet affordable web presence.

Q. We already advertise, but “Marketing” is more than we need.

A. Marketing is simply advertising applied with an intelligent plan. BusiMed understands your concerns, and that's why we always develop a custom plan for each client. The first step is to identify your organization's objectives, then we design a strategy to accomplish that objective.

Q. What do you mean by services a la carte?

A. You pay only for the BusiMed services you use. Because our aim is to provide our clients with complete support, we offer a full array of services. However, with BusiMed, same as choosing from a menu, you pay only for the services you order.

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