We specialize in developing marketing strategies for small and mid-sized medical practices and small businesses.

Strategic Marketing

We will design a customized marketing plan focused on your specific goals. Want to acquire new patients? Looking for ways to nurture an ongoing relationship with your existing base? We can help you do both, and much more. We will devise a strategy that identifies and pinpoints your areas of greatest potential and help you reach them. Tactical tools might include developing newsletters, fax and email campaigns, and generating media interest and support.

Successful marketing is about developing relationships with potential customers before they walk in the door, and we will develop a plan to do that by providing information relevant to their need, which also highlights the services you can provide.

The BusiMed team works with you to develop a marketing plan and brand strategy.

We build a strategic vision by:

We manage your day to day needs, including:

We develop a media resource for your business by:

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